Kaivalya is a collective of artistic performers – Hoop dancers, fire dancers, fusion artists, circus performers and prop manipulators who all share the common interest of self-expression through the spiraling motion of movement art.

You can reach our talented members at the following addresses and web homes:

Shakti Sunfire >

Website: www.shaktisunfire.com

Blog: www.elephantjournal.com/

Firehoops: www.SynergyFirehoops.com

Luna Breeze > www.lunabreezeperformance.com

Stephinity Salazar > InStephinity@gmail.com

Tanya Cardwell > TanyaCardwell@gmail.com

Ali Cat > AliCat@Kaivalyahoops.com

Jacqui Barret > JacquiDreamer@Kaivalyahoops.com

Mind. Body. Soul.

The hoop, a perfect circle, is the ancient symbol for gnosis (knowledge with wisdom) in many cultures. It is the symbol of infinitude , the Ouroboros- The snake that eats its own tale- The cycles of death and rebirth, and of change within the Whole. Spinning within our hoop’s orbit, a homage to the heavens, as reflections of the cosmos, allow for us to become whirling dervishes and link with the harmonic vibrations of the Higher Self. This cosmic dance, mediated with our hoops, is what allows for us to access those little sparks of thought that fuel our existence to connect with others, create change, and live. These momentary reflections within the never-beginning, never-ending Absolute is our meditation. For us, the Infinite is a spiritual catharsis created through dance, allowing for the union between past and present, mind and matter, solidity and flux.

The hoop also reminds us a most imperative teaching: What goes around, comes back around. As hoopdancers, it is our goal to make the world a more conscious and beautiful place, as it promotes an active lifestyle, and is holistically invigorating. As an extension of ourselves, it has become a part of us and we are changed forever.

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